Drink the best moments

Drink the best moments


We love experimenting new beers. Our beer list will evolve including summer seasonals, winter seasonals, and limited editions. We currently have six different beers in the market


As “à santé“, we want to offer Turkish beer lovers a special and exciting drinking experience that is different from drinking standard commercial beers. We want our brand to be associated with quality, great taste and excellent craftsmanship.

We chose “à santé” as the name of our brewery. It loosely means “to health” or “cheers” in French. Everyone loves a cold beer to quench their thirst. But what we really want is for people to drink and enjoy our beers together, happily and slowly. Just like the bears on our bottle.


The story of à santé begins with a father-son dream of owning and operating a craft brewery, determined to create great beers in their hometown of Adana. Cem (the father) is a US-trained industrial engineer whose love of beer began in upstate NY in the 70s. In the middle of the pandemic, he felt the urge to come out of retirement and do something productive. His son has always loved beer and was interested in brewing beers at home. He spent many years in Boston and was influenced by Samuel Adams, but his beers did not taste like theirs.
In 2020 they decided to join forces and build their dream brewery.


Our beers are currently packaged in a sophisticated 330ml bottle. We have chosen a cool looking lightweight bottle that is environmentally friendly. Our bottles weigh only 150 grams, whereas most beers on the market come in much heavier bottles. We source our malts directly from great European maltsters like Viking, Sekado and Castle. Our hops are sourced from Yakima Valley Hops. We strive to learn the characteristics of our ingredients and try to incorporate them into our beer recipes.


Craft beer cannot be explained without first talking about regular commercial beer.

Regular beer is bottled in huge quantities in macro-commercial breweries. The main concern is low cost and speed, not quality. Macro breweries are less likely to choose premium ingredients. For example, while craft breweries typically use high quality hop pellets in their beers, commercial breweries use hop extracts/concentrates, which are a fraction of the price of hops.

Commercial beers are almost always pasteurised for stability. While pasteurisation ensures a long shelf life, the rapid heating and cooling during the pasteurisation process is not good for the flavour of the beer as it tends to lose aromas and ‘flatten’ the flavour.

Most commercial beers are also filtered. Filtration helps stabilise the beer and gives it a polished, clear appearance.

However, each time a beer is filtered, it loses a little of its flavour. Unfiltered beers, on the other hand, offer more complex flavours and aromas.

At à santé, like most craft breweries around the world, we strive to create a variety of excellent beers using the highest quality ingredients and rich flavours.

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